Personalized Pretty Ponies House Horse Sticker
Welcome to the home of The Pretty Ponies!  Who are The Pretty Ponies?  They are a group of six adorable ponies who are all best friends.  Their names are Annabelle, Lilly, Samantha, Jasmine, Chloey and Ashley.  They all have unique personalities and interests.  For the longest time, these ponies have existed in my imagination and now, with the launch of this site, their adventures can finally come to life!

Here you will find a world that completely revolves around these wonderful ponies.  There is a Meet the Ponies section where you can learn all about them, this Blog will be the location of their many stories, pictures can be found throughout the site and there are some cute The Pretty Ponies themed merchandise as well.  Take a look around and if you are a fan of these ponies than make sure to check back often.  New stories, pages and features are going to be continuously added!        


    This is the home of The Pretty Ponies.  Here you can find all of their stories, gifts, facts and more.




    April 2013